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Lin Gerkman – Myth and Ritual


The exhibition represents slightly experimental detour from authors previous direct documentary approach to photography. His attention deflects away from eloquent analysis towards less informative and explanatory observations nevertheless, any less authentic . Without any need to formulate critical statements or deliver reports on foreign culture, photographs let the meaning emerge from the visuality of the situations provoking familiar associations. Despite initial feeling of irony the photographs are nothing less than attempt of searching for sacred in mundane and vice versa.

The images were made in October of 2019 in Montenegro, Albania and Greece.


Lin Gerkman was born in 1995 in Ljubljana. In 2018 he earned a bachelors degree in industrial design at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design where he is currently working on his masters studies. His interest in exploring the history of objects has in recent years taken him into the field of photography and video. In his photographs he deals with current events and the remnants of contemporary history that shape them. His work is not limited by any single approach, it is loosely based on traditional documentary techniques but attempting to find truth beyond the factual it often transcends a strictly objective interpretation of the world.

Lin Gerkman attended TBU in Zlin for a semester as an Erasmus student this year. 

Matej Chrenka


Opening 28.01.2020