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Imagine being there right now


Fragments of memories, ungraspable spaces, crushed timeline, construct of reality. With these terms I was working during the creation process.
Someone may call it diary but I have attempted to emerge from a superficial consideration of the situation, recording in chronological order at the certain place, date and exact order.
I’m trying to confuse by using geographic incomprehensibility, temporal mismatch and heterogeneous approach in the selection of the photographic process. You could say that I am using the gradual abstraction of selected theme until the moment it reaches visually interesting image.
The main motive is the feeling of seclusion. Most of the time I deal with theme of unreal enviroment or cyberspace where the relationship with my girfriend took place. It acts solely as a representative of enviroment or refers to the already lived moment which I am internally and endlessly returning in loops and the memory is always adjust depending on the conditions and needs.
Compression, abstract, simplification of thoughts, memories and never lived events escalates into a visual code mediated by medium of photography.